There was a time when they were one.

Long, long, long ago, the great man and great woman were as one being, standing side by side in equality - strength, power, truth, authenticity, infinite and divine love – a melded heart and shared soul.

But then, over days and over countless years, a gray began to emerge in the world. Subtle and insidious it flowed and darkened, gained strength, left the skin prickled with premonition. The stomach became heavy with a change that could not be seen. And then, it was upon them. The darkness rose as a tsunami, pushed the great man and the great woman apart, buried their utopia in dross.

The divine feminine was targeted first. Her gentle nature was punished. Her healing voice silenced. Her very nature, the womb of creation and love, suppressed by unspeakable traumas – lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

The divine masculine witnessed in horror as his beloved was torn apart, dismantled from his soul and from this world. His garden had been clipped of roses and all that remained were the tangled thorns. The great man fell to his knees in despair, the pain too deep to endure. His eyes turned black, his body stone. He built weapons to slash at the darkness, to attack that which took the light. He crafted armor to protect his body. He wore the strongest breastplate to cover his heart and carried a shield to keep the grief and the wounds from breaking him in two.

The wars began. They covered every continent, invaded every life. Endless centuries of torture, persecution, maiming and killing. The atrocities defended with a myriad of excuses: religion, righteousness, honor. But it was all pain…a world fighting against its own injuries as a trapped animal chews its limb for freedom.

Thousands and thousands of years later, the wars changed. They morphed from the bloody battlefields to the corporate and material world. Swords were replaced with money, status, power, big cars and houses, political rhetoric. A battle all the same. A deep deadening. Around and around, lost. Weapons were down but the armor remained, welded tight into the psyche. Hearts hid from feeling anything that touched upon memories of loss.

And then it happened. As slowly as the darkness had entered, it began to leave. The divine feminine felt the call first, felt her soul cracking from within, her power emerging, her light pushing forth again. All that had been taken from her rose and the grief was fresh and raw but she clawed through it, dug and crawled from her place of hiding and stood in truth and strength again.

Tenderly, she reached out to her beloved, the divine masculine, her wounded warrior. But his scars were too deep. He ran. He ran from the gentle touch, the soft words of love that ripped at his soul. The pain of losing her, the pain of being helpless as she was dragged from him and nearly destroyed, was too much and so he ran. The fear was too great. All that had been lost. All the pain and suffering of a millennia followed her and he hid behind his shield for protection.

Until the breastplate and the armor began to choke him. The hard edges of the metal cut into his muscle, left him agitated and uncomfortable. He tried to run but his legs grew heavy, stuck in sludge. “Just leave me be,” he begged.

But the great love and tenderness followed him silently. His beloved sat before him, placed her hands upon his wounds and kissed his scars. She unclasped his armor, removed the breastplate and pushed aside the shield. And this great man fell into her arms and wept into her neck. He mourned for her loss and the darkness that had followed, for his acts of savagery and the wars that he had raged while blind with pain. And she smiled into his tears, rested her palm atop the quaking heart, let the white light shine gold into his being.

His tears dried. His heart breathed. He was free now. The battles, the wars, were over.

She took his hand and they rose together again – as one.


Note: Man/woman/masculine/feminine in this article are not meant to denote gender. As incarnate beings, we carry the energies of both the divine masculine and divine feminine though one may be more dominant than the other in a life experience. Wholeness and healing is reached when these energies are balanced and integrated fully.